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Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
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Council on Language Instruction (CLI)
One Book/One Northwestern

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WCAS Language Departments

African and Asian Languages


French and Italian




Spanish and Portuguese


Block Gallery
The Roberta Buffett Center
International Program Development
The Kaplan Institute
Multimedia Learning Center
Residential Colleges
Study Abroad Office

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Working Groups

Alumni/Career Events
Karey Fuhs, Mary Ann Hocter, Shannon Millikin, Fay Rosner,

Capstone Events
Denise Bouras, Margaret Dempster, Rita Koryan, Denise Meuser, Asha Nagaraj, Aude Raymond, Christiane Rey

Cultural Events
Anna Diakow, Phyllis Horn-Liparini, Benay Stein, Ana Thome Williams, Ingrid Zeller

Media Projects
Rifka Cook, Licheng Gu, Phyllis Horn-Liparini, Mark Schaefer, Tom Simpson

Lis Elliott, Jill Felten, Janka Pieper

Student Involvement
Nancy Anderson, Rifka Cook, Margaret Dempster, Jill Felten, Dominique Licops, Tasha Seago-Ramaly, Ana Thome Williams, Ingrid Zeller

Study Abroad/Internationalization
Raquel Amorim, Bill Anthony, Elisa Baena, Yumi Shiojima, Francesca Tataranni, Lynn Whitcomb